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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Changing the environment, not yourself

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Many folks with disabilities, especially learning disabilities, work hard at finding new tools and accommodations to help them be more productive and satisfied in their careers. Assisted technologies, flexible work schedules, and work station adjustments can be great strategies. However, a strategy that I think is underappreciated is to simply find a new job or change the condition of your work environment all together. Find or create one that really connects with your specific strengths, needs and desires.

In today's New York Times, Richard Friedman, a professor of clinical psychiatry shares his opinions in "A Natural Fix for A.D.H.D". He works with patients with A.D.H.D, specifically, and suggests that they find jobs that match their "novelty seeking behavior". He concludes that in right environment their tendencies can be assets rather than a weaknesses. While the focus of his writing is on A.D.H.D., I believe that his ideas are useful for any disability and anyone looking to thrive and not just survive at work. Enjoy reading.....

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