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Friday, December 19, 2014

Partners...In the Limelight

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Ever wonder what's it's like to intern with Google (the real experience, not the movie!)? Shawn Dye, Google University Programs, shares Google's different opportunities and some insights into their summer internships...

In an industry that’s constantly in demand for new talent, it’s no surprise that Google strives to execute great internship programs for students interested in engineering and business-related fields. The competitive nature of our talent pool helps us put into perspective that students are evaluating us as a company while they’re interning as much as we are evaluating them.

During an internship, students can expect to work on challenging, high impact projects that will prepare them professionally for a career in tech. And of course, students can look forward to being immersed in Google culture and all of the potential fun that may come with it!

Google offers a few engineering internship programs that caters to students of varying skill sets. Our Engineering Practicum is a 12-week developmental internship for first and second-year undergraduate students, focused on recruiting students historically underrepresented in Computer Science or Electrical and Computer Engineering. In pods of two, interns in this program work on a software project while receiving technical training and professional development aimed at cultivating a diverse group of high potential students early in their CS careers.

Our flagship Tech Internship Program is a year-round program for students from multiple engineering disciplines and degree levels. Technical interns work on every major engineering team - from Adwords to YouTube - and their experiences mirror what it would be like to be a full-time engineer at Google.  

Over the last two years, we’ve added two new internship programs to give students cool opportunities to gain experience in our Data Centers and IT function. IT interns provide front-line user support for all of Google's internal tools and technologies, while Data Center interns bring to life and develop creative approaches to reducing operational costs while improving efficiencies.

Google’s intern programs speak to the value that we place on students that intern here. By giving interns the platform to do cool things that matter while equipping them with useful professional skills, we help prepare interns to deal with some of the big, hairy problems that await them after graduation.

To find out more about our tech and non-tech internship opportunities, check out the Google Students site. Also, be sure to follow the Google Students Blog to learn from interns about their experiences.

-Shawn Dye, Google University Programs 

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